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  • Joshua Erdman

I once employed a retired CalPoly professor as my bookkeeper.  We would frequently talk about society during our breaks as I enjoyed stories from his life experience. After he worked for me for about a year I learned about his guaranteed method for requesting a raise – and I was its target.

He explained that over the last year, he had performed the same exact tasks and has been getting more efficient over time.  As a matter of fact, he pulled out a report showing data from his old timecards and showed me that although his average hours per week have dropped from 24 hours per week to 17 he was still getting the same volume of work done.  He explained that his increase in skills and efficiency over the last year has resulted in an unfair effective 30% pay-cut.

With data, common sense, and a healthy dose of confidence he built a rock solid case for his raise.  That my friends is exactly how you should run your marketing: track every dollar spent, calls coming in, sales over time and engagement on campaign. Soon you will find a good marketing effort as obvious as it was to me that I needed to give my bookkeeper a raise!

Please share your experience requesting a raise or a clever story you have heard of how someone requested a raise.

Author: Joshua Erdman
I was born and raised on 5 acres in Clovis, CA just outside of Fresno. I love living in the country and making memories with my kids. I was blessed to have several memorable and life forming moments at key times: I enjoyed an internship in Van Nuys at Anheuser-Busch in the IT department that summer. Being the youngest guy on the plant, I was reminded daily from co-workers that although I couldn’t drink their product I was free to explore the plant; which I took advantage of while assisting the IT staff. From that job experience I found my calling in working with people and technology and found confidence with communicating with leaders. In February of 2003, I started my own business with no experience about accounting, HR, and marketing. It was such a scary time - and a thrill! Digital Foundation was a great success growing each year and remaining profitable, even in the economic crisis in 2008. In the beginning of 2014, I sold my business, looking for new business opportunities. During this time I served a 2-year term as President at Softec and am still a member of the board. Now as the CEO of a national Internet Marketing Agency, I get to spend each day working with a great team navigating the tumultuous waters of ever changing tech. We look at new ways to help our clients market themselves in this exciting world of tech, voice search, and augmented reality. I enjoy public speaking, growing people's knowledge of technology and the world where people, business, and technology intersect. My goals: Make a Difference Make Memories Lead by Example Enjoy my Passions Find Humor with the small bumps in the road