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  • Ryan

The Machines are Coming (For Your Ads) – and they think that they can write better ads than humans:

The one constant in Google is change and today is no exception. Recently Google has been sending out several alerts about changes coming to an AdWords account near you. Below is an excerpt from what is being sent out:skynet+adwords

Google isn’t rolling out this change at once; while the bulk of these notifications apply for April 29 or later, we have seen this notification in the past for some of our other clients.

Review Google’s Suggestions

The one takeaway from this is that you will need to be vigilant about the suggestions that come from Google regarding your AdWords account, as it could include a future ad that runs – whether you like the concept or not. From the time you receive the notification you have 14 days to review these prospective ads and either:

  1. Let the ad run as is – it never hurts to test new ad concepts
  2. Make adjustments to Google’s recommended ad concept
  3. Prevent the Specific ad from showing
  4. Opt out of this setting

Once 14 days pass and no action is taken, the suggested ad from Google will run as is. In the event that you decide to test these suggested ads (or worse case scenario it runs without being reviewed), the documentation from Google indicates that these can be isolated per their FAQ:

“If the ads were auto-applied to your ad group, they will be marked as “Auto-applied ad suggestion” directly in the ads table”.

While we are closely monitoring these suggested ads, this change increases our vigilance as we have seen cases where Google’s automated suggestions have been more beneficial to Google than our clients.

The bottom line is that any suggested ads that come up through Google’s queue should to be carefully vetted to see if they help support your advertising goals.

Author: Ryan