Your Google Ads Experts
PPC Pays to be First

PPC to our Core   

Pay Per Click Management services are the core of our agency and almost 100% of our clients have us manage this part of their digital marketing. We first started working with Google AdWords now known as Google Ads on July 7, 2003, and we have been pushing the state of the art since.

It’s about the Data

SMS is a digital sales and data analysis agency. Put simply we are marketing geeks. We are data-centric and believe in measuring everything we can. Google Ads combined with Google Analytics provides a rich dataset for us to analyze and report into actionable information that can be used to create an unfair market advantage for our clients.  

It’s about the Sales

There are many types of agencies that would be glad to manage your PPC campaigns. To select an agency, start by understanding the focus of the agency and how it integrates to your mission, strategy, tactics, and goals. SMS is sales focused and data-driven.

It’s about People

We live on the bleeding edge of technology and Artificial Intelligence may be able to transform data into information but today it requires smart people with a rich understanding of your business and market. We provide those smart people and the tools necessary to capture the most relevant data.