Your Google Ads Experts

Our Story

The evolution of Systems & Marketing Solutions starts back in 1987 with Systems and Programming Solutions Inc. (SPSI).  SPSI developed custom software, especially in what is now the CRM space, with IBM on their AS/400 mainframes for many of their customers.  SPSI quickly grew and in 1992 they started a training division called On With Learning (OWL) to keep up with demand as their software spread.

The video training materials from On With Learning allowed large corporations to ramp up on their new AS/400 software with reduced training budgets, consistent training experiences and fewer support calls. By 1994 this division was spun off and On With Learning used the Wise Owl as its logo.

Innovations continued with building a digital brochure, called a website, on something called ‘The Internet’ allowing OWL to provide more detailed descriptions and sell more video training materials from strategic partnerships with other video producers.

OWL was developing significant Intellectual Property in building an internet presence – today we would call this SEO and Digital Advertising and this is where the story of Systems & Marketing Solutions begins.  By the mid-2000s created significant disruption in the sales and distribution of training materials. OWL was looking for a new niche and found its marketing Department quite busy helping partners with their internet marketing.

In 2006 OWL became Systems & Marketing Solutions (SMS) focused on helping small businesses advertise online through PPC on what was then called Google AdWords. Today Google still claims the majority of the market share in search but the landscape of Advertising has spread into Social Media networks, YouTube, mobile phone apps, and even video games.  

Looking ahead SMS is researching how best to advertise with the growth of virtual assistants and voice search.  We are also working to guide our clients as Artificial Intelligence and Digital Advertising begin to converge.