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The Prime Directive of Adwords Ad Copy: Get to the Point!

Have you ever watched a commercial on TV or seen an ad in a magazine only to wonder what it was actually for? Well in some advertising mediums that’s, sort of, okay. For example, if you’re Gucci, a glossy magazine ad featuring a boat full of Italian dudes in speedos is obviously an ad for…

May 10, 2010
Bouncing to a Better Web Design

One way to incrementally improve your web design is by listening to your data, and nothing in that voice is louder than bounced traffic. My comments assume that your web site is not designed to bounce. Some sites use a page where the entire web experience is designed to be one page long and that…

April 12, 2010
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The Art of Keywords

In any discussion about Internet Marketing the term “Keyword” is sure to emerge early and often. There is a good reason for this because keywords are the heart and soul of the expression of the business strategy, and while they look simple they are not. The meaning and value of a keyword is driven by…

February 16, 2010
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Dating Rules for Your Google AdWords Account

Google Adwords with her seemingly targeted traffic, easygoing daily budgets, and conservative broad matching makes you think you have found the perfect solution to your marketing needs. Then as you get to know each other and start to build what you think is a trust-based relationship, she slowly goes completely crazy. Like bad movie psycho…

January 28, 2010
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The Adwords Bid Simulator – What’s Really Going on Here?

Google likes to come up with new and helpful tools to make it easier to manage an Adwords account to reach their goals. Wait what? Yup, most of the suave little tools they come up with are tilted in their favor not yours! Like I’ve said before Google is just like Vegas, the house always…

September 9, 2009
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Using the Content Network without Getting Used

Here in the office we tend to fall in and out of love with the Content Network. Over the last couple of years it has gotten progressively better for the advertiser. It used to be downright awful for most people, but the advent of things like the placement report has given us much more control…

May 6, 2009
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Structure > Keywords

In Adwords keywords are, well… key. There’s no denying that. Personally however, I believe that structure is ultimately more important than the keywords. Picking keywords isn’t really where the magic happens. Most business owners can come up with a semi-decent keyword list on their own, but the disconnect is in the implementation. Deciding how to…

March 11, 2009
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Adwords Geo Targeting – The Other Side of the Story

The idea behind geo targeting your Adwords is that you can serve your ads exclusively to people within a certain geographic range. For example you can choose to serve just the United States, Only California, or just a few cities around your office. Everybody understands how this is supposed to work but marketing is never…

January 15, 2009
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Is Organic Traffic Better than PPC?

There is probably nothing that gets a good flame war going between SEO Experts and PPC Advocates quite like the debate over the quality and quantity of traffic from these two sources. We have worked on both sides of this issue and we tell clients all the time that they have to compete on both…

January 15, 2009
No Adwords for You! Prohibited Adwords Item Rundown

You can sell almost anything with Adwords, almost. So what exactly can’t you sell on Adwords? Turns out it’s a lot of stuff. Some prohibited items aren’t surprising and others are shrouded in plenty of grey area. Basically if it’s illegal, unethical, too much fun or any combination of the above you might just be…

June 18, 2008
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