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Special Offer for Plumbers ONLY
For a LIMITED TIME we are offering a free sneak peek at our book on Digital Marketing for the Plumbing Industry. Click Image for Full Size Cover Click Image for Full Size Back Cover This is a full version e-book with 264 pages of marketing advice for Plumbers. Reviewers will get a free copy of...
January 31, 2020
Customer Modeling
This is the first in a series of articles on how to build your Digital Sales plan. The foundation of a Digital Sales Strategy is an understanding of the Ideal Customer. You cannot talk to your market, if you do not know who they are. This concept is approached differently by different experts but ultimately...
January 19, 2020
Dear Saint Google 2019

Since 2008, our Google Ads Experts have written an open letter to Saint Google. We believe that at least one of Saint Google’s Elves or maybe even the big SG himself reads our blog because we have gotten lots of things, that have been in our letters. Regardless, we find this to be a fun tradition for a company that eats, lives, and breathes Google Ads. So here are our 2019 Christmas wishes for Saint Google.

October 31, 2019
Winning Ms. Top of Page @ Google
A Being First On Google Story All websites strive to be Ms. Top of Page at Google and all the other search engines. For those that do not know Ms. Top of Page, it is the highly coveted first listing on Google that everyone talks about. The source of this listing is your website, which...
October 16, 2019
How to Learn Communication and Leadership Skills

Wanted SMV Professionals Seeking to excel in communications and leadership  Survey after survey tells us that at the top of the list of skills Employers look for regardless of position are communication and leadership skills. Our club helps you learn these and more. These skills are a huge differential factor in mid to upper management…

October 5, 2019
Sex, Lies, and SEO

Over the years we have noticed that clients either swear by or swear at their SEO Expert and there is no middle of the road on this one. With over a decade working on the SEO side of web sites I understand and deeply appreciate the value of SEO and I am a strong advocate…

September 5, 2019
How to Create Your Brand Book

Creating a Brand Book is the first step in a Professional Marketing Plan and it embodies the overarching messaging in text, image, audio, video, and whatever gets created next. Marketing Professionals either swear by or swear at the brand book. They swear by it when they get exactly what they wanted from an outside vendor…

August 21, 2019
CEO’s Guide to PPC

PPC is normally the first thing implemented in a Digital Marketing Plan because it’s fast, measurable, and provides crucial data. The downside of PPC is the cost, and as CEO, you have to implement cost controls to make sure it’s a good investment. CEOs drive the vision and strategy and never have enough time. The…

June 17, 2019
Calculating Website Ugliness

As you may have guessed, there is a story behind this. Every day at 8 am we meet up and talk about what is going on. We share challenges, discoveries, and talk about what’s next. In one meeting, we discussed the need to place a “Your baby is ugly” call. This is when we have…

June 3, 2019
Content Is King

How to Improve Content In 1996 Bill Gates famously stated “Content is King” and 25 years later he is still right. If you lack great content it’s game over and this is why you need to continually improve website content. Great content generates strong engagement, which is why “Engagement is Queen”. In this article, we…

May 8, 2019