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Budget Constrained Google Ads

Tell ‘em what you’re going to tell ‘em This is one of the most common problems in a Search Campaign and there is no shortage of signals that show you have this issue. Google thinks this is so important that you cannot even remove the signal at the campaign level. This is because Google really…

November 13, 2018
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Building Trust in Your Marketing

People do business with those they trust; they trust those that help them understand. When you share your expertise you help prospects understand your product or service value and how it serves their want or need. Doing that builds trust and moves the relationship forward. If you do not believe this is true then save…

November 8, 2018
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How to pick the Right Digital Marketing Coach
How to pick the Right Digital Marketing Coach Putting together a world-class marketing team has to be the goal of any executive leading a business. Going to market with a goal less than that is a formula for disaster. For some, the right strategy is internal staff, others use agencies, and still, others use consultants and...
October 30, 2018
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Wow! Google Ads Work

People often tell us that Google Ads, aka Google AdWords, DO NOT WORK. They say that nobody clicks on the ads, it costs too much, and it just does not work. They have tried them and that’s that. As a PPC Agency, we take a deep breath and reply “I accept the fact they did…

October 16, 2018
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Remarketing Revisited Revised Rethought

Remarketing is the repetition tool of PPC and it comes with lots of controls for your strategies and tactics. Visit Amazon and look at cameras and as we all know you will see ads for cameras for days – this is remarketing implemented. If you overdo this you will alienate your prospects but done just…

September 24, 2018
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Why We do AdWords First

As a digital agency, it is common to have a client discussion that starts with this question: Where do we start? Ultimately the discussion leads to scarce marketing resources, otherwise known as money. Many clients believe that they should start with search engine optimization (SEO) and Social Media. The belief is that these are fast,…

September 17, 2018
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Click Fraud – Measuring the intent of a click

What is the cost of a click?  It takes no effort for your finger to press that little button on your mouse, but it is what you click on where the dollars add up. For example, a single click on an ad could cost a plumber as much as $20.  Depending on the location, amount…

September 4, 2018
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Introduction to Word Wars

Introduction to Word Wars Your business is locked in mortal combat and it is a Word War. Like all wars, the winner will be the one that wins not just the battles but also hearts and minds of the people. Your weapons in this war are your words and how creatively and effectively you deploy…

August 24, 2018
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The Days of Manual A/B Testing are (Essentially) Over

For years Google has been trying to leverage Artificial Intelligence within AdWords (now Google Ads). For the most part they have been trying to automate ad creation; first with Dynamic Search Ads, which started off terrible but got better as more controls were given. Then more recently, they introduced Automated Ad Suggestions which, to my…

July 30, 2018
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The Art of Word War – Content Strategy

Content Strategy:  Content strategy is where the worlds of search engine optimization (SEO) and web experience engineering collide and it’s a huge business opportunity.  While this is a highly technical area it is the Executives of the business that MUST direct and control the strategy. This does not mean they need the technical skills to…

July 27, 2018
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