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Systems & Marketing Solutions specializes in driving targeted web traffic to your web site. Here are the people that make that possible:

Joshua Erdman - Chief Executive OfficerBob Dumouchel - Chief Data ScientistJackie Burns Digital Marketing StrategistRyan Dumouchel - AdWords ExpertDiego Leon - AdWords ExpertKrislyn Bio - Marketing Manager & Designer
Josh Erdman
Bob Dumouchel
Chief Data Scientist
Jackie Burns
Marketing Strategist
Ryan Dumouchel
AdWords Analyst
Diego León
AdWords Analyst
Krislyn Bio

Josh Erdman – Chief Executive Officer

JoshJosh never leaves behind an opportunity to learn something new. He is a true ‘Jack of all trades’. He is always on the lookout for new ways to merge technology with the customer experience.
As CEO of a national Digital Marketing Agency, he gets to combine his passion for learning and his talents in technology to design sales experiences worth talking about.
Josh volunteers with Softec, a non-profit advocacy group focused on improving high school education in software and Technology. He is also the local facilitator of the Central Coast’s CEO Roundtables, a confidential peer group where CEOs discuss business issues and share ideas.
Josh is active in the local community serving in the following roles:

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Bob Dumouchel – Chief Data Scientist


Bob Dumouchel is a serial entrepreneur with 5 successful start-up businesses since 1988. One of his companies was on the INC 500 list in 1992 (#247) and 1993 (#467) and selected by IBM as a Premier Business Partner (Top 5% Worldwide). Bob’s businesses included two in Software Development, Software Training Products, e-commerce Art Dealer, and Google AdWords Agency. In all these businesses Bob was CEO and the driving force behind the business development. Over the course of his career Bob has sold over $100 million in products as diverse as food, computer systems, training, software, and HR services.

Bob’s Internet Marketing experience started in October 1994 long before most people had even heard the term “dot com.” He started working in search engine optimization in October 1994 and in Google AdWords in July 2003. Bob was the software developer of NetListening, a system that maps web pages into a structured relational database. Bob currently advises over 100 businesses as their AdWords Expert providing marketing advice across dozens of industries. Bob served as CEO of Systems & Marketing Solutions for 23 years before turning over the leadership role to Josh Erdman. He continues to contribute to SMS as a Data Scientist with a mission of finding data relationships and patterns that can create Unfair Marketing Advantage for our Clients.

Bob has been active in the local community serving in the following roles:

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Jackie Burns – Digital Marketing Strategist

JackieJackie Burns joined SMS in August of 2018 after moving from the Central Valley. Jackie has a talent of developing the right approach for publishing the right content, on all the right platforms, to ensure that our clients launch and truly engage their target consumer. She has 13+ years in the multi-media industry which includes television, radio, and digital marketing. Jackie has developed and delivered hundreds of marketing plans from a multitude of industries in both small and large markets. Previously she worked for a large media corporation in the Central Valley as the Senior Digital Coordinator where she lead, coached, and provided support to multiple markets nationwide. She has helped hundreds of small businesses grow their digital footprint nationwide and is excited to bring corporate market strategy concepts to small businesses.

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Ryan Dumouchel – Google Ads Analyst

RyanRyan Dumouchel joined SMS in March 2009 after graduating from the University of California, Davis with a BA in Sociology and a Certificate in Paralegal Studies. With his studies as a Paralegal and his expertise in Google Ads he was the perfect choice to head up the technical team in the Legal AdWords Practice.

Since starting in March 2009 Ryan completed the Google AdWords Training Curriculum and passed his AdWords Certification on April 30, 2009 and has updated his certification since then.

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Diego León – Google Ads Analyst

diegoDiego joined SMS in April 2011 and is a Google Ads Analyst with a focus on Sales Automation. He is responsible for overall management of PPC accounts that feed automated sales funnels creating customized experiences for customers that increase engagement and reduce call volume of un-qualified leads. Prior to joining SMS, Diego was a student at Cal Poly in the Mechanical Engineering program. Diego’s strong background in math is a very direct skill necessary for the analytic work involved in AdWords and the logistics for building effective sales automation campaigns.

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Diego Leon’s Google AdWords Certifications

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Krislyn Bio – Marketing Manager & Designer

KrislynKrislyn joined the SMS family in 2012 working her way up from Outreach Specialist to being our Creative Designer, she is also a published blogger and well versed in Social Media Marketing. She is responsible for the creative work here at SMS, which includes creating inforgraphics/graphics, videos, photos, as well as 3D modeling.

In her free time she likes reading, traveling, going to concerts and spending time with her family, friends and her dogs.

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