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Marketing a Small Business is Hard!

Let's face it the big guys always appear to have the upper hand: brand name recognition, big budgets, and all the experts money can buy. So what is a small business to do? Simple - use your size to your advantage! Small businesses have the benefit of being fast, flexible, and creative. AdWords provides you with an advertising channel that lets you out-maneuver the big guys. Google AdWords is one of the best tools in a small business' marketing arsenal and you only pay when they visit your web site which is a way better deal than print, radio, tv or the dreaded Yellow Pages.

Google AdWords is not free traffic, but for most businesses it is the most cost-effective advertising on the planet and we can prove that! You can start advertising in Google AdWords for just a few dollars per day and change your ads on the fly which is unheard of in any other marketing medium. However, to excel in this constantly changing area you need to understand the system and how to leverage it for your business. That is where we come in.

Our services provide a Google AdWords Expert to manage your account and work with you on your online marketing ideas at an affordable cost. We know how small businesses work and we know how to take on the big guys and win.

If you need:

  • Simple & cost effective internet advertising
  • Expert advice on internet marketing
  • Access to massive amounts of web traffic
  • All on a small business budget

To stay focused on the business of your business - Call us!

Who Are SMS' Clients?

We deal with just about every type of small business out there. We work with Plumbers, Lawyers, Dentists, CPAs, Niche Retailers, Movers, Tutors, Inventors, Hair Salons, Dog Trainers, Answering Services, Designers, Manufacturers, Property Management Companies, Carpet Repair, Voice Talent, Conversion Experts, Web Designers, Counselors, Public Relations, Ad Agencies, HR Consultants, PEOs, Non-Profits, Personal Trainers, Tourism Councils, and much more on a daily basis. We can help you target just your city, state or region just as easily as we can take your message national or international. You decide on the strategy and vision for your business and let us take care of the details.

What Clients Say About Us:

We do not believe in testimonials from people that only have a first name and maybe a city. Below you will find the comments people have made about us, their full name, and a link to their web sites. These are all either owners or primary managers within the business.

  • "Bob's effort for my firm internet's marketing has resulted in 40% increase in traffic and new business. I highly recommend this service."

    - Alex Tong, CPA & Associates - Dallas CPA

  • "Bob's knowledge of the SEO world always blows me away. He and his team are on top of this ever changing platform and if I ever have any questions about searchability, I call Bob first!"

    - Missy Reitner-Cameron, CEO, iii Design - Design Studio

  • "Like most Marketing managers, I'm strapped for time to fully understand and fully implement and maintain my web based marketing campaigns. Bob was able to describe to me in easy terms just what more I could get out of the programs in which I was already engaged, then was able to take them over for me and increase the value to me by focusing in ways I was not aware existed. I receive regular reports detailing results and am able to easily justify the money spent on Google AdWord activity to my management. I would highly recommend Bob and his firm as a knowledgeable and easy to work with group, providing high value in their area of expertise."

    - Dave Rennie, Trust Automation - Motion Control Solutions

  • "I've been working with Bob for about one year now and highly recommend him to anyone that needs to outsource their search engine marketing. His knowledge in the search engine marketing field is superior to any other third party I have ever used. Bob is results driven and will definitely move your bottom line in a positive direction. His ideas, strategies and focus on our search engine marketing have been first class. He always follows through and delivers quality work above and beyond expectation."

    - Aaron Rose, VP Marketing, Construction Deal - Find Local Contractors - Find Contractor Jobs

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