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Skynet + AdWords

The Machines are Coming (For Your Ads) - and they think that they can write better ads than humans: The one constant in Google is change and today is no exception. Recently Google has been sending out several alerts about changes coming to an AdWords account near you. Below is an excerpt from what is...
March 28, 2018
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Getting Started with AdWords Scripts

AdWords Scripts allow you to programmatically control and customize what is done to and how you receive AdWords data. Scripting, in general, is a type of programming in which you control the behavior of existing complex objects. Though you can set up your own internal scripting structure you ultimately rely on another program for the…

February 11, 2016
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How to Pick an AdWords Partner

There are thousands of firms that list AdWords as one of many things that they do. The problem is the more they are about these other things the less they are about AdWords. Most web design firms and SEO firms will list AdWords and present themselves as experts but most of the time they are…

December 16, 2011
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Dear Saint Google,

Twas the night before Christmas, when all though the net not disk drive was stirring, not even in the cloud. The clicks are hung by the SERP with care, in hopes that Saint Google soon will be there.  The AdWords Experts are nestled all snug in their beds while visions of new features danced in…

October 28, 2011
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Google+ is about Getting Social

We advise clients to compete on both the paid and organic traffic and now we are adding social media to that recommendation. Social Media needs to be part of the marketing plan strategy, even if the plan is to do nothing other than listen and learn right now. With an audience of well over 700…

July 26, 2011
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No Adwords for You! Prohibited Adwords Item Rundown

You can sell almost anything with Adwords, almost. So what exactly can’t you sell on Adwords? Turns out it’s a lot of stuff. Some prohibited items aren’t surprising and others are shrouded in plenty of grey area. Basically if it’s illegal, unethical, too much fun or any combination of the above you might just be…

June 18, 2008
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Does Your Site Load Fast Enough for Adwords?

Google has already announced that page loading time was going to be a factor in Adwords quality scores, but now you can see if your landing page is quick enough. The change is supposed to go into effect in mid-June. The Inside Adwords Blog announced today that you can now view load time evaluations on…

May 8, 2008
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Does This Ad Group Make My Campaign Look Fat?

Google Adwords can be a beautiful yet dangerous mistress… her seemingly targeted traffic, easy going daily budgets, and conservative broad matching. As you get to know each other and start to build what you think is a trust-based relationship, she slowly goes completely crazy. Like bad movie psycho girlfriend crazy (I’m looking at you Ben…

April 22, 2008
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Getting Google Slapped

It happens to everyone and you just have to learn how to fix it. A Google Slap is when Google suddenly wants a lot more money for your keyword. The typical story is a keyword that cost .50 yesterday is suddenly $5 or $10 and the word is “Inactive for Search” until you increase your…

March 17, 2008
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Google Budget Optimizer – The House Always Wins!!!

Think about it for a minute… you walk into a car dealership with $20,000 dollars cash. You’re greeted by a salesman, and you tell him that you can spend up to $20,000 dollars and everything else is his call. That doesn’t sound like the best idea ever does it? It’s entirely possible that you will…

February 7, 2008
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