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So You Want to Market to Millennials?

Marketing can never predict the actions of an individual but a traditional marketing practice is to segment markets into groups whose actions can be predicted. These segments are used to develop messaging and select channels for outreach. Generational segments are a well-established segmentation because it works. Like any segment it does not apply to every…

January 23, 2015
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Google Trusted Stores

On January 20, 2015 Google announced updates to the Google Trusted Stores program.  The program changes the way your ads look and like most extensions this will probably impact the results. I say probably because almost every extension to the basic ad has had the attribute of increasing response.  The reason for this is simple…

January 22, 2015
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Standup Desk Experiment – Part 2

We have been experimenting with stand up desks since March of 2014 when I built the first prototype. After living with this for a while the input from the staff is that they like the standup desks but it does create other problems. The first is that I am old and I cannot take standing…

January 20, 2015
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