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Every Product Has a Story

The one part of doing business on the web is that everyone always seems to forget that you still have to sell your products! You go through all this time, effort, and money to get someone to your web site and when it happens you don’t bring your sales “A” game. It’s an opportunity wasted….

August 22, 2008
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Guidelines for a Great CTR

I love impossible challenges and it’s probably what attracts me to Adwords. We are continually researching different areas of Adwords and one of the great challenges is ad copy. You might think that ad copy is simple after all its only 95 letters or spaces on 3 lines of text but you would be so…

August 22, 2008
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Yahoo will make every effort to not optimize my account at a future date

I don’t think that it’s a secret how I feel about the companies that sell PPC ads also optimizing them for you. I don’t like it. It’s a conflict of interest and I think it’s awful and usually does more harm than good. There I said it. How is someone that 1) has never talked…

August 5, 2008
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