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Ask not what position your ad is in but what position best serves your business

“I want to come up first in Google” This statement echoes in my head because 90% of the time it’s in the first few words of each phone call I get. This statement creates great conversations on the business, products, services, market areas, and other key elements of the marketing strategy. This helps us understand…

April 25, 2008
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Does This Ad Group Make My Campaign Look Fat?

Google Adwords can be a beautiful yet dangerous mistress… her seemingly targeted traffic, easy going daily budgets, and conservative broad matching. As you get to know each other and start to build what you think is a trust-based relationship, she slowly goes completely crazy. Like bad movie psycho girlfriend crazy (I’m looking at you Ben…

April 22, 2008
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Expanded Broad Match Speaks German Now Too? Scheisse!

Break out your Google-hosen, Adwords speaks German. Today I am impressed/worried about how smart broad match is becoming. I was reviewing a Search Query Report when I can across this: “arbeit von zu hause.” I might have been a linguist in a past life, but I’m not bidding on German keywords in this campaign. It’s…

April 4, 2008
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