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Back to Basics: The Forgotten Art of Negative Keywords

Everybody is always so concerned with what keywords do I pick to advertise on. The words you specifically do not advertise on are just as important. When developing a keyword list, try to think of ways that your words could be related to other topics irrelevant to your business. Take the word coach… think about…

August 31, 2007
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Self Induced Content Inspiration

One of the hardest things about running a web site is keeping it fresh. If you have new interesting content on your site at a daily or near daily frequency, visitors have a reason to come back often. More visitors usually mean more money, so this is a good thing. Plus on a side note,…

August 27, 2007
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Targeting Regional & Local Customers with Adwords

A lot of potential advertisers are intimidated by the possible reach of Adwords. They’re trying to grow their business at a local or regional level and don’t want to spend money for traffic coming from thousands of miles away. Luckily with a few extra steps in the campaign process you can use Adwords Geographical Targeting…

August 23, 2007
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Split Testing, an Exercise in Patience

Google Adwords require patience, persistence, and perspiration. Its hard work and it needs to be part of a long-term marketing strategy. Reacting too quickly results in judgment errors and a continual thrashing of your decisions. A great example of this is an advertising split test. I have seen rookies that set up a test and…

August 21, 2007
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CTR vs. ROI, When Less Traffic Means More Money

A good Adwords campaign requires balance. CTR & ROI are 2 particularly difficult items to keep in harmony with each other. In the future we intend to examine more facets of this topic, but this article focuses on trimming traffic to increase profits. Click Through Rates (CTR) are really important to any PPC campaign, but…

August 17, 2007
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Why Does SMS Focus So Much on Google Adwords?

Sometimes people ask us why we focus so much on Google and Google Adwords, the short answer is volume. While we do run PPC campaigns in the Big 3 (Google, Yahoo, and MSN), we focus the most attention on Google because of its overwhelming market share. How do you know Google is the biggest volume…

August 15, 2007
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Google Analytics Counter-Intel

One of the most overlooked advantages of using Analytics is the business intelligence that can be extracted from the program. You can track specific visitor traffic, and generally keep an eye on everybody watching you. Sometimes extracting this type of information is labor intensive, but it can be very worth it. Plus if you’re like…

August 8, 2007
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Myspace, Your Money

Everyone knows Myspace as the biggest social networking website around for the 15-30 year old crowd, but not everyone knows that it can also be a drain on your Adwords budget. Myspace is free, and all of the sites that offer graphics and layouts for Myspace are free as well. So to make money they…

August 6, 2007
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